Monday, June 12, 2017

Looking in the Rearview Mirror

Principal ponderings...
We have made it to the last full week of school!  There was a lot of work, a lot of struggle, a lot of new ideas, a lot of successes.  It's important to take some time to think back over the year and reflect.  As the image above says, right now, if we take time to look back, this year is fresh in our minds.  It's "closer" to us right now.  If we wait until August to think back on the year, we will most likely forget parts.  Here are a few questions and reflection prompts to get you thinking about the year, to help you look in the rearview mirror.

Reflecting on the 2016-2017 school year, I am proud of...

2 ideas/new learning/experiences I will take with me into next year are...

Something I wish I had done differently...

Ways that I have grown professionally this year...

Now see if you can picture a particular student for each of these prompts, and think of what you learned or how you will grow as an educator as a result of your interactions:
Think of a student that challenged you...

Think of a student that made you proud...

Think of a student that you felt lucky to teach...

Think of a student that made you better...

Think of a student that you will miss...

This year our theme was #bringthejoy.  So as you look through the rearview mirror, do you see moments of joy that happened throughout the school year?  What brought you joy this year?  How will you continue to bring the joy next year? 

I really do enjoy these last few days, thinking back over all that has been accomplished.  Thinking about where we all were on the first day and how we have gotten to this point right now.  I also think about what did not work and what are ways to make changes for next year.  I like to think about all the new innovative experiences that our students had and how we will have even more new and innovative experiences next year.  And I am looking forward to growing myself professionally even more this summer, taking time to read, write, connect and reflect.

Once you are done reflecting on the year, be sure and think ahead to this summer.  How do you plan to be mindful over the summer break and rejuvenate yourself?

Currently reading:
I am so close to having more time for more week and I will be tackling my piles!  In the meantime, I have read a few blog posts, like this one from Donalyn Miller:
And here is a document containing the 2017 choices for reading lists in case you are looking for some suggestions:

Events this week:
Monday - Meet the Teacher night for new K students, 3:30-4:00
Tuesday - 3rd grade library trip, ELL Dinner at MSS Cafeteria 5:30-7:00
Wednesday - GDEA Social and Retiree Recognition 4:00-5:00 at The Tavern
Thursday - 4th grade Moving Up Ceremony @ 9:30 in the PAC
Friday - Field Day! End of the Year Party at Maureen's house

Monday - Last day of school!  9:30 Assembly in the PAC, 10:30 Step Up to new classrooms, 12:15 dismissal
Happy Summer!!

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Kindness Ninjas are leaving notes all over the school! 

  • Mr. Wiesner had students and staff dancing in the aisles at the 3rd grade concert!

  • Mr. Rider's class and Mrs. Wenz's class put on a fabulous performance of The Three Little Pigs.
  • Our first SU/FR 4th grade mixer was a huge success!!  Thanks to the PTA and the SU APT for organizing this fun event.  The 4th graders were able to mix and meet friends that they will in class with next year at the middle school!

  • The 3rd grade concert was hopping on Thursday night! 
  • Students had the chance to check out lots of creative projects completed by some of our 3rd graders. 

Check it out:
A teacher's plan to keep writing over the summer:
Questions to help you reflect on writer's workshop:
And this might put a smile on your face...

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