Monday, April 10, 2017


Principal ponderings...

Guess what?!  Tuesday, April 11 is #LoveMySchoolDay!  What does that mean?  Well it means it's a day when we can tell the world why Florence Roche rocks!  I know it's an amazing school, and you know it's an amazing school, but does the whole world know?  Probably not, so let's tell them about all of reasons why you love our school.

A few years ago, one principal decided to take on the challenge of getting the word out about how awesome his school was.  Now there are schools all over the country who will be participating in this challenge and spreading the positivity about their schools.  Read more about this at the following blog:

On Tuesday, let's share all the reasons why we love FloRo!  You can either post on Twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #lovemyschoolday, as well as #gdrsdchat, or you can send pictures or messages to me and I will post them for you on our @FloRoElem Twitter page.  We want people talking about our school, and we want that discussion to be all about the positive things happening in our classrooms and throughout the whole building.  Let's make sure we are telling our story!

What great things will you be sharing on #LoveMySchoolDay?!

Currently reading:
With the MA Reading Conference last week and the Book Fair and just my regular Amazon shopping...I have lots of new books!!  At bedtime tonight, Emerson and I enjoyed the book The Last Stop on Market Street.  This is a picture book that has been getting recommendations all over the place.  In a time where books about diversity and discussions about diversity are crucial, this is an important and necessary book.
I was really excited to get this book in the mail and start reading it.  I am actually in a Voxer book club with educators and principals from around the country.  We just started discussing the book this week.  If you have read the book Teach Like a Pirate, this is another inspirational professional development book.  

Events this week:
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week at FloRo!
Monday - 3rd grade ELA MCAS testing begins in the am
Tuesday - 3rd grade ELA MCAS testing continues, School Council Meeting @ 3:30
Wednesday - 3rd grade ELA MCAS testing continues, 3rd grade chorus practice @ 2:25
Thursday - Elementary curriculum half day, 12:15 dismissal, no lunch served, PTA luncheon, optional parent conferences in the afternoon

**Enjoy your vacation week!

Great things I noticed last week:

  • On Monday, we had an amazing principal for the day, 2nd grader Micah.  He came dressed for the part and even brought his own name badge!  
  • I loved going shopping with students who have been radiating respect! 
  • As I mentioned in the staff meeting, the 4th grade co-taught room has been rethinking and redesigning their classroom environment.  Check it out and talk to Angela and Ellen about the different possibilities of flexible seating and moving away from traditional classroom furniture. 
  • On Thursday, I was excited to attend the MA Reading Association Conference with several FloRo staff members.  I was even more excited that I had won a chance to sit and have a meet and greet session with Donalyn Miller!  We talked about some of her book recommendations, reading conferences, and a book that she is working on about classroom libraries.  It was also great to listen to Mr. Schu speak; he is the Scholastic Reading Ambassador and also an elementary school librarian.  He talked all about great new books out now, and he also read the first chapter of Kristina Applegate's new book, Wishtree.  Can't wait until it comes out in October! 

Check it out:
Anyone else feel this way?  Anyone else ready to relax and rejuvenate over the vacation week?
And in preparation for vacation week next week...I hope you will do what Kid President says and give your families and yourself your undivided attention next week!  I know I plan on doing exactly that with my family. :)

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