Monday, February 13, 2017

Slice of Life Challenge

Principal ponderings...

For many years now, I have been following a blog titled "Two Writing Teachers."  They have several educators who write posts about writing and teaching writing.  In 2008, they started something called Slice of Life Challenges.  They challenge people to write and post short slice of life stories every Tuesday.  Then they started challenging teachers to get their students to spend the month of March writing a short slice story every day.  Every March, people all over the country participate in the March Slice of Life Challenge.  I have read people's posts each year, but I have never participated.

This year...I am challenging myself to do the March Slice of Life Challenge.  My #oneword2017 is create so it's time for me to do more creating in the form of writing.

Here is a link where you can find more information about the Slice of Life challenges:

March is a long month.  31 days where I am going to try to write a slice of life story every day.  I need to take some time over February break to get myself ready for this challenge.  I plan on setting up some posts early, reading other slice stories for ideas, and building writing time into my schedule.  How about you?  Want to join me in this challenge?  Maybe you can't do every day or maybe you can.  I know I have talked about this before, but it's true...the best teachers of writing are those teachers who are writers and practice writing.  (Don't take my word for it.  Read about it in this article:

If you don't have a space where you blog, then set one up.  I use Blogger.  There are plenty of other free platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal.  If you are not ready to put your writing out there in the internet word, you could also go the old fashioned route and write your slice stories in a journal.

And then the next step?  Write.

Are you ready for the March Slice of Life Challenge?!  I am!

Currently reading:
All this snow means that I have been enjoying snuggling under the covers with some tea and reading!  I realized I have not been reading as many of the MCBA books this year so I brought home a copy of Bliss to start reading.  There's baking and magic spells in this book.  Seems like a good combination!  I have read about a third of the book and have been enjoying it so far.
Emerson's bedtime request the other night was a classic.  We enjoyed looking at all the ducklings and the different places in Boston as we read Make Way for Ducklings.

Events this week:
Monday - Snow Day!
Tuesday -  Happy Valentine's Day! 2nd grade School Show @ 1:30 in the PAC, School Council Meeting @ 3:30
Wednesday - Liz at DESE Instructional Support Convening during the day, Superintendent Search Meeting 5:30-8:00, 2nd grade Concert 7:00 @ PAC
Thursday - World Read Aloud Day, Learn more here:
Friday - Grade 3 Electricity Safety Program, Curriculum Half Day, dismissal at 12:15, no lunch served
**Enjoy your Winter Break!

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Everyone was excited after the amazing Super Bowl win on Sunday!  Go Pats! 
  • Tuesday was the 100th day of school!  I loved seeing some of the creations these 2nd graders were making by turning the 100 on their paper into something else. 
  • Even with a crazy snowstorm in the middle of the day, no afternoon kindergarten, and worries about getting everyone home safely, I managed a smile on the 100th day. 
  • Two days with delays and a no school day due to a blizzard all in one week!?!  And how about this surprise...Mrs. Fulreader was teaching PE class! 

Check it out:
More info about the Slice of Life Challenge:
Here's a great list of science picture books, good for content and mentor texts:

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