Sunday, January 29, 2017

Spread the Love One Act of Kindness at a Time!

Principal ponderings...
Did you know that last week was The Great Kindness Challenge?  Check out the link here to learn more about this special event that happened around the country all last week.  The idea behind this event was to have one week to try to do as many acts of kindness as possible.  The website describing the challenge stated, "empower your students to create a culture of kindness."  While the week of the this challenge already passed, that doesn't mean we can't still work to spread kindness.  Let's think about how we can create a culture of kindness in our school for our students.

I think right about now we could all use some extra kindness in our lives.  Don't you agree?  If you do a quick google search, you will find so many ideas for kindness challenges.  I have seen ones that are 30 day challenges and others such as the 100 acts of kindness challenge.  You can certainly check any site out for ideas, but I have created a staff challenge for all of us at FloRo.  February seems like the perfect month to challenge each other to spread kindness.  Here is a picture of the kindness calendar I created.  I will also send this out to all of you through email.

How will you spread the love?  What acts of kindness will you share with your students?  Need some ideas for book about kindness to read to your students?  Here you go...

Let's take this month to read about kindness.  Let's talk about kindness.  Let's show our students kindness.  Let's show each other kindness.  Let's create a culture of kindness.

Currently reading:
I was the recipient of an act of kindness this week.  A principal in CA who I know through Twitter and Voxer sent me a picture book in the mail!  It's called Dragon Was Terrible.  I definitely plan on bringing it into some classrooms for a read aloud.  Thanks Principal Peeff!  Now I need to find a book to send to someone else and pay this act of kindness forward.

Events this week:
Monday - AM/PM Kindergarten switch day
Tuesday - Liz at Crisis Management Committee meeting, 1-3 @ Prescott
Wednesday - 2nd grade chorus practice @ 2:20, Staff Meeting 3:30-5:00
Thursday - Technology Meet and Greet @ 8:15 in the library, Ed Eval Working Group Meeting 12:00-3:00 @ Prescott
Friday - Liz and Dianna at SLT meeting 8:15-11:00 at Prescott
Saturday - EdCampMALeads in Middleton!  Come join me for some free PD! Learn more and sign up here:

Great things I noticed last week:
  • The 4th graders put on an amazing concert for the school on Wednesday and then again for families Thursday night. 
  • Mr. Smith's 3rd graders were working on writing some important opinion pieces about different topics, including this student who was writing about saving whales. 
  • Mrs. Kavanagh's K students were jumping for joy as they read their sight words!  And before this activity, they noticed that writer's workshop was not on the schedule for the day, and they begged their teacher to put it back on the schedule.  These kids love to write! 
  • I popped into Mrs. Roundtree's class and found these 4th graders studying some geometry concepts. 
  • Have you checked out these aerial view snowmen on display in the lobby?!  Thanks for showing off this art project Mrs. Goddard.  I want to make one too! 
Check it out:
Not that we really need reasons for teaching kindness, but here are a few!
Check out this 10 year old talking about kindness:

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