Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Assignment You Will Want to Do!

Principal ponderings...

I had a different post written for this week, but then a friend shared this article from Huffington Post, and I filed my other post away.  Take a look at this Italian professor's summer assignment list.  Now those are assignments that I definitely support!  Reading his list, made me think back to several summers ago when I spent my summer in Florence, Italy.  I signed myself up for a creativity workshop in one of the most creative and beautiful places in the world.  The workshop was amazing, and everyday we would spend time doing activities that stretched our thinking and got those creative juices flowing.  We would end our workshop session in time for a relaxing lunch together, and the afternoon would be left for exploring and completing our assignments.  Our assignments were often things like: go sit in a cafe for at least an hour and watch the people that come and go.  Sketch a picture of someone or write a description of them.  I have to say it was one of the most inspiring, relaxing times of my life.

So when I read this list from this Italian professor, it took me back to those wonderful days, and it reminded me that I can give myself some of those assignments from my workshop or add some from his list.  Of course, I love that he says read as much as you can because "it's the best form of rebellion you have."  And you know that I will be reading as much as I can over the summer.  Hope you get a chance to as well!  I love the idea of sitting and watching the sunrise and just being thankful in that moment.  And whether you are alone in your kitchen, at a wedding or having dinner out with friends...think about dancing shamelessly.  I guarantee you will feel better afterwards.

After reflecting with all of you last week, it is evident that you have all worked incredibly hard this year.  You have been dedicated to helping our students be successful.  You have been studying and unpacking new curriculum until your eyes hurt.  You have planned, implemented, redesigned and reimplemented behavior plans to help students learn how to be their best.  You have pushed your students and each other.  Always striving for growth.  But what was also evident after our reflection all need rest, relax, rejuvenate this summer.  You need this assignment list!  We all need this assignment.

Read over the assignment list a few times.  Think about which assignments you will do this summer.  And maybe add some of your own for extra credit!
And be sure to...
"In sparkling sunlight or hot summer nights, dream about how your life could and should be. During the summer, always do everything you can to avoid giving up, and everything you can to pursue your dream."

What is on your summer assignment list for yourself?

Currently reading:
I am making my to be read piles for this summer.  What's on your summer reading list?  I am going to be helping run a book study of Reading in the Wild.  I ran one last year that involved face to face meetings.  This one is with people all over the country through Voxer.  Let me know if you are interested!  And don't forget to check out the PD books in the curriculum office that are available for book clubs.  Maybe you want to organize your own!
Here is one of my many book piles...

Events this week:
Monday - 3rd grade Williams Barn Trip
Tuesday - 3rd grade Williams Barn Trip
Wednesday - 3rd grade Williams Barn Trip, 4th grade library trip
Friday - Liz and Dianna @ SLT meeting in the am, 3rd grade library trip, 4th grade Scout presentation during lunch

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Thanks to John Wiesner and the 3rd grade team for putting on a fabulous concert!  I'm always amazed at the talent that shines at the concert. 
  • I enjoyed listening to teachers reflect on what they were proud of from this year, goals for next year and how they are going to relax and rejuvenate this year.   I think having ice cream available helped everyone get in the reflection mode!
  • Thank you Mrs. Wilkins' class for inviting me to see your Reader's Workshop performance.  They traveled to different kindergarten classrooms to share their performance!
  • I forgot to snap a photo, but I also enjoyed reflecting and celebrating the year with all of the paraprofessionals on Friday.  They also talked about what they were proud of, goals for next year and how they will be relaxing this summer.

Check it out:

  • If anyone is interested in some motivation to write this summer...check out this community of teacher writers that Kate Messner organizes.  I signed up and hope to do some writing and learning from other writers.
  • Here is the quote that I shared at both the staff meeting and the para meeting:

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