Sunday, April 10, 2016

There's Still Today and Tomorrow

Principal ponderings...

This is about the time when I hear people start doing the countdown of how many days are left in school.  And when we return from vacation week, it seems like time starts moving in fast forward.  When we are planning and teaching, we are thinking about end of the year field trips, PARCC testing, field day, placement, supply orders, and end of the year celebrations.  With all of the future needs and events crowding our thoughts, it's important to stop and take our fingers of the fast forward button.  Yes, we are in the final stretch.  Yes, we know that summer will be here sooner than later.  But we need to make sure we don't let ourselves get caught up in the rush.  Actually, our students are the ones who really need us to slow the pace.

Remember, there's still today.  Don't let yourself get lost in thoughts about what will be happening three weeks from today.  Live in the moment.  Today you are a teacher in a room full of learners.  What are you going to do today?  What are they going to do today?  There is so much potential wrapped up in each teachable moment of today, each teachable minute.  Capitalize on that daily potential.  Forget for a bit about what is to come and focus on what is here and now.  Focus on those students who are in front of you, beside you, waiting for you to make today the best day yet.

We can all benefit from thinking...there's still today and tomorrow.  Don't worry about the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of the year.  For now, there's today and tomorrow.  What are you going to do today and tomorrow?  What will learning look like today in your class, and how will it be even better tomorrow?  What will our students be excited about today?  And what will they be engaged in tomorrow?  Let's take our finger off of the fast forward button and think about all of the possibilities that are contained in today and tomorrow.  Today and tomorrow will eventually turn into the end of the week, the end of the month, the end of the school year.

But for now, let's just be here today and be here tomorrow.  Our students need us to slow down and look them in the eyes today and tomorrow.  They need to know that we care about them today, and we will be thinking about them tomorrow, too.  Let's not count down the minutes or the days until the last day of the school year.  Let's count on the minutes today and tomorrow, each and every minute, to be meaningful.

What kind of educator are you going to be in the here and now?  What are you going to do for kids right now?  Because remember, there's still today and tomorrow.

Currently reading:
Thanks to the PTA sponsored book fair, I had some new books to read this week!  I read and loved Ninja Red Riding Hood.  This is a cute, current version of a classic tale.  There are some great themes in this book, such as dedication, mindfulness and relaxation!
Emerson and I enjoyed reading Click, Clack, Peep during our bedtime routine.  I just love all of Doreen Cronin's books! 
Angela Smith had recommended Kizzy Ann Stamps to me a while ago.  I finally bought my own copy and started reading it.  Love the way this historical fiction book is written; a little girl writing letters to her teacher in 1963, the summer before she is going to begin going to an integrated school. 

Events this week:
Happy Staff Appreciation Week!!  Thanks to the PTA for the surprises and treats all week!
Monday - #LoveMySchoolDay!  Post to Twitter or have Dianna or Liz post for you...why do you love FloRo?! Liz at Ed Eval Meeting 12:00-3:00, Zumba with MaryKaye! @ 3:30
Tuesday - BLT Meeting @ 8:30 in Cheney's room
Wednesday - Grade 3 chorus practice @ 2:25 in the gym, School Committee Mtg @ 7:00 - FloRo 4th graders doing the pledge
Thursday - Student Council Meeting @ 8:30, Half day, dismissal at 12:15, PTA luncheon for the staff, para professional development in the afternoon
Friday - Liz and Maureen out of district for the kind to Dianna!
Have a wonderful vacation week!

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Thanks to Mother Nature our morning kindergarteners had to stay the full day and had a special lunch delivered to their classroom by the principal!
  • Hope everyone enjoyed the book fair!  I had fun shopping with students each day.  Here was one of the lucky winners with her book choice. 
  • Mrs. Pierantozzi's class invited me in to share their reasons for why 3rd graders should have one night a week without homework. 
  • Mr. Crowley shared a great analogy of unpacking boxes after moving and having to organize everything...just like you have to organize your writing as part of the revision process. 
  • Popped into several 1st grade classrooms and saw students doing think alouds, reading non fiction and talking about different genres. 
  • Mrs. Benkley's class invited me in to read and discuss their amazing informational writing books that they worked so hard to complete. Their books had a table of contents, interesting introductions, lots of details and facts and glossaries!  

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