Monday, April 25, 2016

Motivation Monday

Principal ponderings...
I hope everyone had a relaxing vacation week and took time to be with family and friends.  It's hard to believe that we only have eight weeks left!  But let's not think of it as only eight weeks left.  Let's think of it as eight weeks to still have an impact on kids' lives.  Third and fourth grade has PARCC testing beginning this week.  Let's not let the testing take over.  I have seen so much great reading, thinking, problem solving going on in our classrooms this year.  I know our students are going to do their best.  And when the session ends, let's go back to the business of teaching and learning.  Let's go back to making a difference in the lives of children.

Whether you are easing your way back into the swing of things or jumping in feet first to business as usual, here's some Monday after vacation motivation for you...

Currently reading:
I had preordered Peter Reynolds newest book, Playing From the Heart.  It's a sweet story of a father and son who connect through the language of music.
I have also been rereading one of my favorite leadership books, The Starbucks Experience.   Even though I still don't like coffee, I definitely like the 5 key leadership principles discussed in the book.
And I am almost done with Pax and Kizzy Ann Stamps.

Events this week:
**PARCC testing begins this week.
Monday - Welcome back! Last Monday zumba class with MaryKaye @ 3:30 in the gym
Tuesday - School Council Meeting @ 3:30 in the office
Wednesday - All 4th grade, except Coronis, will be doing 1st PARCC session ELA testing in the am, Several staff at CPI Refresher class 12-3 at Prescott, Kindergarten chorus
practice @ 2:25
Thursday - Student Council Meeting @ 8:30, Coronis will be doing 1st PARCC session ELA testing in the am, last Thursday zumba class with MaryKaye @ 3:30 in the gym
Friday - Special Olympics!, All 4th grade will be doing 2nd PARCC session ELA testing in the am

Great things I noticed last week:
  • Monday was #LoveMySchoolDay and I love that I caught a first grader helping a friend with some math in the hallway. 
  • In case you didn't hear...strawberries won the snack food bracket!
  • On Wednesday, we had two 4th graders represent FloRo at the School Committee Meeting.  They both did an awesome job!
  • Loved the smile on this 1st grader as she shared her informational writing with me.  What do you know about consequences for dogs?  She knows a lot! 
  • It was silent day in Mrs. Hoke and Ms. Johnson's class, but they figured out how to communicate without talking.  Thanks for the note Isaac! 
  • Enjoyed listening in to morning meeting in Mrs. Robinson's class.  
  • Check out these cool art projects hanging in the hall by the art room. 
  • Thanks to the PTA for showing lots of teacher appreciation the week before vacation! 

Check it out:
I encourage all of you to sign up for Teachers' Top 3.  Every other week you will get a short email from DESE with important and relevant information just for you!  Go to this link to sign up:

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