Monday, December 21, 2015

The Power of a Song

Principal ponderings...
I loved this line that I read over the weekend, from Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace

       "But that is the power of a song.  It can keep you or it can make you want to go away."

For today's post, I am going to make it as auditory as possible.  Music has the ability to change our mood, make us cry, bring us together, and get us moving.  A song can be so powerful.  So  here are a few different songs to listen to today, save for later, get you through the holidays or just make you smile.

One of my favorites...

A new one that makes me want to dance...

Another new one that makes me tap my feet...

An oldie, but goodie...

It wouldn't be a song list without at least one Queen song...

Of course I need to include a Beatles song in the mix...

And in honor of the movie that just opened up last week...

So what songs do you love to listen to in your car, sing in the shower or think in your head that put you in a good mood?  How do you utilize the power of a song?

Currently reading:
I heard great things from the 4th graders about Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace, so I decided to start reading it.  It's another one of the MCBA books.  If you haven't checked out the book recommendation bulletin board on the way to the 4th grade wing, you should stop and read what kids are saying about the books.  I had actually brought the book I was reading to the School Committee meeting to read while I was waiting for the meeting to start.  One of the Swallow Union students who was doing the pledge saw what I was reading and was excited to chat with me about that book and other MCBA books that we had just read.  Hopefully we can plan some Google Hangouts between FloRo and Swallow Union 4th graders to have more book chats!  I am looking forward to finding some time to read more books over the break.

Events this week:
Monday - 10th Day of Giving...Give a hug, get a hug day!
Tuesday - 11th Day of Giving...Gingerbread, prizes and treats, oh my!
Wednesday - 12th Day of Giving...Wear your favorite festive outfit today!  Make it tacky or keep it classy, you choose!
Have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday break!  See you in the new year!

Great things I noticed last week:

  • 4th graders came down to share a poem that one of them had written.  Loved the poem and the illustration!
  • Several 4th graders from each classroom were selected to help deliver baskets to senior citizens throughout Groton.
  • I caught student council members loading up Mrs. Cahill's car with tons of donations for Transition House!
  • Check out the great recipe poems on display in the hallway heading towards the 4th grade wing!
  • And has anyone seen the Gingerbread Baby?  Kindergarteners have been on the lookout for him!  Miss Natalie told them that he stopped by and she gave him a teeny tiny bandaid for his booboo. :)

Check it out:

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