Monday, December 7, 2015

12 Days of Giving

Principal ponderings...

Educators are givers.  They give their time.  They give energy.  They give students extra help.  They give kids a hug when needed.  Educators give other educators ideas.  They give parents information and support.  They put in long hours and spend their own money on supplies and books for their classrooms.  They give out knowledge and show students how to gain their own knowledge.  They give band aids and ice packs.  They give smiles.  They give life lessons along with science lessons.  They give pats on the back.  They give stickers and smiley faces.  Educators are givers.

You are all givers.  It's part of your job description.  It's part of who you are.  And since this is the season of giving, I have decided to do a small act to try to recognize and thank you for what you do throughout the whole school year.  Starting on Tuesday, I am going to do "12 Days of Giving" for Florence Roche educators.  Some things you will know in advance and some will be a surprise.  Here's a sneak peak at your 'gifts' for this week...

On the first day of giving, your principal will give to you...something good to eat
lots and lots of yummy sweet treats.
On the second day of giving, your principal will give to you...not a single email to read,
that will you give you more time indeed!
On the third day of giving, your principal will give to you...breakfast drinks for all,
hot cocoa should keep you warm in the hall.
On the fourth day of giving, your principal will give to you...a dress down day,
Sweats, slippers, jammies...hooray!

Tuesday - Check the staff room for some afternoon sweet treats to perk you up!
Wednesday - Inbox Zero...I promise to go the whole day without adding a single email to your inbox.  Hopefully the time you would normally spend reading my emails, you can find something else to do!
Thursday - Drinks in the morning...who wants hot cocoa, hot cider or hot coffee?
Friday - Comfy, cozy day.  Feel free to dress comfortable today.  If you want to wear your jammies, great.  If you want to wear sweats, even better.  If you want to throw on your favorite t-shirt and jeans, go for it!  No need to get dressed up today!

Wait until you see what next week brings!

Currently reading:
During my drive, I am currently listening to Tuck Everlasting.  
I read a pretty funny picture book at my library called Everyone Loves Bacon.
I also found a good picture book about two friends, one who loves to read and one who hates to read, and how they help each other.  It's called Library Lily.

Events this week:

Monday - Latin Class @ 3:30
Thursday - Student Council Meeting @ 8:30, District Curriculum Half Day, 12:15 dismissal, Teachers will be working on math at SU

Great things I noticed last week:

  • One 4th grade classroom and one 1st grade classroom have been trying out standing desks...maybe we will see more of these in future classrooms?
  • Thumbs up for Mrs. Kavanagh's class who was learning some new words!
  • Yes, those are shoes on the table.  Mrs. Goddard's art students were working on foreshortening.  Can't wait to see the final product!
  • Mrs. Lanctot's class made some great reading strategy posters to hang in their classroom.
  • The Holiday Fair was a huge success!  Once again, Mr. Wiesner managed to wow everyone with each grade level concert.
Check it out:
A post about quiet writers:
And as I continue to read and think about mindfulness, here's my quote for the week...

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  1. I love this format for your staff notes. I really need to add some of these things to my weekly memo!