Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Do I Lead?

Principal ponderings...

I know I have previously shared my education information addiction with you.  I have tried to get many of you to try out Twitter.  I have talked about making connections with a PLN group (Professional Learning Network).  I have shared blog posts written by other educators that I follow.  My newest social media addiction?  Voxer.  It's like a free walkie talkie that connects me with principals across the country.  I can record short messages and listen to messages from others.  One of the groups that I am part of is called 'Work. Life. Balance.'  And it is definitely a group I need!  Recently, an elementary principal from Iowa who is in the same Voxer group with me, shared this post with our group:

 20 Facts About Principals Every Teacher Should Know

There were several sections of this post that stuck with me, certainly some more than others.

#18...yep, this is definitely a stressful job.  There are days where I think about going back to just being responsible for my own classroom.  Or better yet, I think maybe it would be nice to become a toll collector.  I am grateful to my Voxer group that is helping me figure out how to bring balance to my life.  And you will probably be hearing more about what I am learning from our book chat about The Mindful School Leader.

#15...please, I hope that you can and will give me feedback.  I don't always have the answer.  I need to look at things from different perspectives.  Just like our students, I am here to learn and grow.

#12...I became a teacher because I wanted to have an impact on the students in my class.  I became an administrator because I wanted to have a bigger impact.  The only way for that to happen is for me to keep challenging all of you to continually grow and improve.

#11...My husband will often ask me..."did you get your work done?"  And my answer is always..."I got a lot done."  The reality is that my work is never done.  It is a demanding job, but it is one that I love and that is so worth it.

#9...Remember...I wanna marry mistakes!

#3...Yes, I am a slight control freak.  Need to work on that.  Especially since we have so many in our school that can be teacher leaders.  Must. work. on. delegating.

And #1...I want all of our students and teachers to be successful.  Being a principal is not an easy job ever.  I never know what I will encounter each day.  I have to make difficult decisions.  I have to rely on data to help with decisions.  I have to prioritize and work through my never ending task list.  But the stress, the long hours, the is all worth it because I get to see students making progress, learning growing.  It's all worth it because I get to see teachers making progress, learning, growing.

Why do I lead?  Because I know I am making a difference one student at a time, one teacher at a time.

Currently reading:
I finished up the graphic novel, El Deafo.  Let me know if you want to borrow it.  I know it would be a great read for our 2nd, 3rd or 4th graders.  I am currently working on Charlie Bumpers vs. The Teacher of the Year.  And I am still enjoying reading The Mindful School Leader.

Events this week:
Monday - Picture Retake Day
Tuesday - Dr. Rodriguez visits FR in the am
Wednesday - Half day dismissal at 12:15, evening conferences, dinner provided by PTA
Thursday - Half day dismissal at 12:15, afternoon conferences
Saturday - Holiday Fair!

Great things I noticed last week:
  • I caught some of our students studying the display in the lobby and grabbing some items from the cornucopia.  Thankful that we have such giving students and staff!
  • I walked into Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Smith's 4th grade class just in time to hear a lively debate sparked by something they had read in Scholastic News. 

  • Students were eagerly participating in morning meeting in Mrs. Robinson's classroom.
Check it out:
In my search for mindfulness...this Ted Talk is a step in the right direction:

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