Monday, November 23, 2015

We are Thankful

Principal ponderings...

Short work week this week, where many will be spending their evenings cleaning their houses and prepping for turkey day on Thursday.  At our last staff meeting, we started off by simply writing down on a slip of paper what we are thankful for.  And now in the office, we have a thank bank full of thankful thoughts.  Of course, this time of year, we all take the time to think about what we are thankful for, appreciate what we have, wrap our arms around our loved ones, and slow down to enjoy the moment.  We need to try to make sure that we do this more than just during this week of the year.

As I shared, the recent attacks in Paris hit close to home for me since one of my best friends lives in Paris with her family.  It was certainly a panicked evening for me as I spent time glued to social media, my only way to possibly communicate with her.  Thankfully, she sent me a message to let me know that she and her family were all safe.  She was supposed to go to that soccer match.  I am thankful that for whatever reason her plans changed.  That Friday evening scare made me pause and think about both the world we live in today and how grateful I am that my daily stressors are minimal compared to what my friend is dealing with all around her.

I wanted to share a list of what we as a staff are thankful for.  It's a good reminder of the good in our lives that we need to celebrate and not ever lose sight of.
We are thankful for...

  • working with dedicated, caring people
  • my job
  • a supportive family at home and at work!
  • a healthy body
  • my wonderful family
  • the wonderful staff at FloRo
  • being able to teach such kind and hardworking children
  • support of my family
  • supportive friends
  • my grade level team
  • paraprofessionals
  • a warm home
  • the love of my family (furbabies included)
  • devoted and accomplished colleagues
  • students that brighten my day
  • weekends!
  • my children
  • time to be with my family
  • that I have access to pursue an education to become a teacher
  • my ability to laugh and to make others laugh!
I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday break.  Happy Thanksgiving!  How will you slow down, take a deep breath and be mindful of the good in your lives?

Currently reading:
I am enjoying listening in my car to The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop.   This is a good book for fans of books like Harry Potter and The Magic Thief series.  It's full of kids, magic and chocolate!
Just read a cute picture book about friends called Friendshape.  It uses some shapes to talk about what is great about having friends.  
Another book that I just checked out from my local library is called Rufus, the Writer.  This picture book tells the story of a little boy who opens up a story stand instead of a lemonade stand.  He shares some of the stories that he writes for his friends and family.
I also started reading another MCBA book: Charlie Bumpers vs The Teacher of the Year. 

Events this week:
Monday - Reminder that you should be done entering your report card info today!
Wednesday - Half day of school, 12:15 dismissal, no lunch served
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy time with your family and friends!
Friday - No school

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Two of Mrs. Clark's 4th graders did a great job representing Florence Roche Wednesday night at the School Committee Meeting.
  • Mrs. Kavanagh's kindergarten class invited me to come hear some of their writer's workshop stories.  They have been doing a great job adding detail and telling their story across several pages.
  • Thanks to all of the staff for supporting our first bus open circle meeting.  We had a great turn out with many of the bus drivers participating in our morning meetings.
  • Love this display I found outside of Mrs. Pierantozzi's classroom.  Have you set any reading goals for yourself?  And have you shared your reading goals or reading plans with your students?
Check it out:
Kate DeCamillo talking about her memories of being read to:
Interesting post about music and arts integration helping the core subject areas:
A post about how to make a kid hate reading:
And a picture of my brain! :)

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