Monday, September 28, 2015

Why read?

Principal ponderings...

On the eve of our Scholastic Book Fair favorite week of the year...I thought it would be fitting to talk about the benefits of reading.  You all know that I am slightly obsessed with reading and books.  However, since I now have a 9-month-old at home, my reading time has been greatly reduced.  While I am always motivated to read, lately, I just haven't been able to find much time to read.  So I thought I would talk about the benefits of reading in order to help motivate me to find more time to read!  And maybe I will motivate you to find time for that book you have been meaning to read.

Did you know that by sitting down to read a book you can both reduce stress and improve your focus and concentration?  No matter what is going on in your life, getting into a good book can help you escape for a bit.  We live in a world where are daily routines seem to mimic ADD-type behavior.  As I type this blog, I am flipping between articles that I am reading, a Twitter chat talking about books, while also reading and responding to text messages from a family member, and half listening to the TV show my husband is watching.  This is the reality of today.  Everyone is multi-tasking all the time, and it can be exhausting after a while!  But by slipping into a good book, your focus is on one long as you turn off your electronics.  I read a post that suggested reading for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning before going to work.  They say that you will notice that you will be more focused at work.  I'm thinking I might try this!

Reading is good for your health.  Studies have shown that if we keep ourselves mentally stimulated, we can actually slow the progress of Alzheimer's or dementia.  Reading is a great way to get some free mental stimulation!  When you read, you are exercising your brain.  You are also helping to improve your memory.  Just think about all the things in a story that you have to remember.  Each time you create a new memory, you are actually building new brain pathways.  Our brains are amazing, and feeding them a healthy dose of books is such an easy way to keep them healthy and functioning well.

Trust me, I know that the hardest part is finding the time.  You had to find time to actually read this post, and that probably wasn't easy!  But reading is so important not just so that we can help our students become better readers, but reading is important because it makes us better.

So how are you going to carve out some time to stimulate your brain, forge new synapses, and read?

Currently reading:
I was so excited to learn that one of our parents works with Josh Funk, he is a new author who lives nearby.  And he just wrote this really fun book: Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast.  Josh donated an autographed book to our school!
I bought and read another new one from Cynthia Lord, Hot Rod Hamster and the Haunted Halloween Party!  I am hoping she will autograph some books for us and then we can do a drawing to give some away. 
And of course since I have a problem of reading several books at one time, I started a new one on Friday night.  It's called Circus Mirandus.  I've read lots of good reviews about it so I'm looking forward to reading it. 

Events this week:
**Scholastic Book Fair in the library all week!
Monday - 4th grade team @ SU for math & ELA PD
Tuesday - 2nd grade team @ SU for math & ELA PD, 3rd grade classrooms have StarLab from the Museum of Science, School Council Meeting @ 3:30 **Happy birthday for real this time to Dianna!
Wednesday - 3rd grade team @SU for math & ELA PD, Dr. Novak available for FloRo teachers @ 3:30
Thursday - 1st grade team @ SU for math & ELA PD, PTA Family Night at the Book Fair @ 6:00
Friday - Kindergarten team @ SU for math & ELA PD

Great things I noticed last week:
  • Kindergartners learning how to use a new literacy game in computer lab.
  • 1st graders in Mrs. Lanctot's class using their x-ray vision to solve some math problems.
  • As we set up the book fair in the library...students eagerly peered through the windows...they are excited about the new book fair location and can't wait to shop this week!
  • Batgirl and I enjoyed walking with the Fournier family at the 2nd Annual Rock-n-Roll/SuperHero 5K in honor of Joey Middlemiss.

Check it out:
Great post about why every teacher needs to be a reader!
And here's a little video clip about the butterfly effect and kindness:

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