Sunday, December 7, 2014

Put your oxygen mask on first

Principal ponderings...

Last year I wrote a blog post about remembering "me time."  You can reread that post here.  So clearly, I need to take my own advice!  I am beginning to make more time for taking care of myself in order to successfully finish out this pregnancy and keep baby and mama healthy until the arrival.

It is also that time of year when I need to remind all of you to take care of yourselves so that you can take care of your students effectively.  Students know when we are stressed.  They can read our emotional state and will react to it accordingly.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed or you have let your job consume your's ok to stop and take a deep breath.  Do some quiet meditating.  Say some positive affirmations out loud or in your head or even write them down.  Do something just for you.  Remember that your students need you to be functioning at 100% for them so do whatever you need to do for yourself so that you will be there for them.

Hmm...maybe try one of these 50 Ways to Take a Break?

Currently reading:
The advantage of being told I need to work less and rest more...more reading time!  I know I have been reading more picture books during the month of November.  Looking forward to getting back to reading MCBA books.  Lately, I have been reading a book for my birthing class homework....Hypnobirthing.  Definitely interesting and hoping it will help me have a gentle, calm birth.
I am still working on Capture the Flag.  And I'm thinking the next book on my night stand that I will pick up to read is Doll Bones.  

Events this week:
Monday - Hour of Code Day...see Phyllis's email for the schedule of the events throughout the day
Tuesday - FR and SU Kindergarten teams meeting with Grace and Sharon from 12:45-3:15 in the conference room, School Council meeting @ 3:30 in the library
Thursday - Students will be delivering holiday baskets to Groton seniors, District-wide half day, dismissal at 12:15, multi-part series PD begins
Friday - Last day to submit toys or clothing for our Giving Tree project

Great things I noticed last week:

  • Students in computer lab...not using technology!  I saw 3rd graders doing some coding activities in preparation for Hour of Code.
  • I popped in Mrs. Potter's and Mrs. Smith's class and heard several students recite poems that they had memorized.  Working on those presentation important category under ELA Common Core, speaking and listening.
  • Holiday Fair was a huge success!  I enjoyed listening to all of the grade level concerts.  The students looked so nice in their holiday outfits, and they did such a great job performing.  Way to go Mr. Wiesner!

Check it out:


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