Monday, November 24, 2014

100 Things to be Thankful for...

Principal ponderings...

Several writing blogs that I follow have been posting '100 Things that I am Grateful for' so I figured I was up for that challenge.  Here is my list in no particular order.  Some things are simple and some things are rather big and complex.  You might try an activity like this with your students or with your family or just do it for yourself.  It could be 100 things or it could be 10 things.  It's the perfect time of year to stop and appreciate the big and small things in your life.
1. Being pregnant...being able to grow a human!
2. My loving, supportive, musical husband
3. Parents who have always loved and supported me and still do!
4. My sister who will always listen to me
5. My 2 brothers who always make me laugh
6. The amazing family that I married into
7. My home
8. My pets, Dash, Cleo and Tom, who help me de-stress when I come home
9. Books!
10. Really great friends
11. My career in education
12. The ability to work with dedicated, caring staff
13. Twitter connections
14. Jelly Belly Jellybeans
15. Cinnamon crunch bagels at Panera
16. My couch with power recliners
17. Mornings when I can sleep in
18. Nights when I actually sleep through the night
19. Overseas trips that I have taken
20. Chopped...and the fact that episodes air in the middle of the night when I can't sleep!
21. Cupcake Wars
22. My ability to swim
23. My obsession with writer's notebooks
24. My positive outlook on life
25. Being a strong, independent woman
26. Hot tea
27. Baking
28. Being able to hear my husband sing
29. Technology
30. College friends who I am still close with
31. "Friends" and "Seinfeld" reruns
32. The Paper Store
33. Acupuncture
34. Massages
35. Pedicures
36. Blogging
37. My best friend who lives in Paris
38. That I had a chance to get to know my grandmother before she passed away
39. Family game nights
40. Scrabble
41. Amazon
42. My adorable nieces
43. My step-son who under the teenage exterior is a very caring kid
44. Public libraries
45. Bookstores
46. The Hanover Theater
47. Living close to Boston
48. Being able to go back to Virginia Beach to visit family and vacation
49. Time on the beach
50. Quiet moments
51. Thoughtful conversations
52. A Fire in the fireplace
53. Fires in the fire pit
54. A roof over my head
55. A bed to sleep in every night
56. A fridge and pantry that always have food in them
57. Holiday meals with family
58. My education from kindergarten all the way up through my advanced graduate degree
59. Freedom of speech
60. The right to vote
61. Hair salons
62. Photographs from my childhood
63. Ice cream
64. Video chatting
65. The experience of growing up both on a farm and in a resort city
66. Items in my hope chest
67. Buy one get one free sales
68. Free shipping
69. Popcorn
70. Creativity
71. My mom's honeycomb coffee cake
72. Songs playing on the radio that make you dance in your seat in traffic
73. Ice cold water on a hot summer day
74. Children's Hospital in Boston
75. Hydrangeas
76. Cinnamon scented candles
77. Lemon scented candles
78. My health
79. My first grade teacher, Mr. Page, who realized I was an advanced reader and did the only thing he knew to do...sent me to the library to read as much as I wanted
80. My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Simmons, who recognized my love of writing and encouraged me to do it as much as possible
81. That I had the chance to drive across the country for a month with my mom
82. All of the students whose lives I have touched over the years and who have touched mine
83. Bubble baths
84. The sound of rain on a skylight
85. That my parents took us camping when we were little
86. Four teachers who I used to work with and are now my close friends and biggest supporters
87. Strength that has gotten me through tough times
88. A positive childhood
89. Hugs from family, friends, and students...especially kindergartners!
90. Comfy pajamas
91. Flip flops!
92. Accomplishing goals
93. That I am an emotional person (although lately the hormones are a little much!)
94. Getting cards in the mail, instead of bills
95. The smell of clean laundry
96. Smiling
97. That I am loved and get to experience love
98. That I get to do what I love
99. Feeling my baby kick inside me
100. Soon I will become a mom :)

Currently reading:
It's still November, which means it's still Picture Book Month.  Here are some more picture books that I have read this month.  How to Babysit a Grandpa was a new book at my public library.  A cute book and now I need to read How to Babysit a Grandma.

Interrupting Chicken is a humorous story that any kid would love as a bedtime story!
I also started reading the Shelter Pet Squad series book, Jelly Bean.  Even though it's not a picture book, it's written by a picture book author that we love...Cynthia Lord!  Looks like it will be a great book for 2nd graders.

Events this week:
Monday - Picture retake day, Grace will be attending a K-12 ELA meeting to help develop 5 year literacy plan for the district
Wednesday - Half day, 12:15 dismissal, no afternoon kindergarten, Spirit Day! Wear FloRo or GDRSD gear and be on the lookout for a special guest! Sign ups close for multi-part PD series.  Be sure and sign up for one of the options!
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving! No school
Friday - Thanksgiving Break, no school

Great things I noticed this week:

  • This week I was able to go with Ellen Potter, Angela Smith, Katie Novak, Lyn Snow and Dr. Rodriguez to the North Street School in Tewksbury.  We spent time observing a co-teaching model that they are using.  We were also able to sit with the principal of the school, the two teachers and the SPED Director to debrief and discuss what we saw and how we are piloting a co-teaching model at Florence Roche.  Loved being able to reach out to surrounding districts...hope we can do more of this!
  • The NESN film crew was here on Friday to tape some of our 1st and 2nd graders asking questions for Red Sox players.  This is for the show "Red Sox Small Talk."  The clips will air in the spring when the season starts.  I will be sure to let everyone know when to watch!

  • Our student teacher, Ms. McElroy, who is in Mrs. Hoke's class, led a reader's workshop lesson on understanding character's wants and problems.  During independent reading time, she was conferring side by side with students while everyone was engaged in reading.

Check it out:
Some video clips from Ellen to make you laugh as you prepare for the Thanksgiving festivities!

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